About us

King’s Garden products has been created and produced by David. He was  inspired to invent fresh and lively tasting products, which are 100% natural and can be used in many ways in the kitchen. Wherever possible the ingredients are sourced locally. The main ingredient, rapeseed oil, is bought directly from farms in Lincolnshire and Norfolk, while the onions and garlic are  grown in the county!

The look of the bottle is sleek, modern and eye catching, giving 275ml of marvelous product.  The use of  PET re-useable containers  also reduces ‘food tonnage’ thus doing our bit for the environment.

The  King's Garden product  is so versatility, meaning that the real economy comes from the ability to use all of the products as a Salad dressing, marinade, stir-fry  or dipping sauce. plus you can also bake with it, making lovely choc chilli muffins - recipe on the web site!  So say goodbye to a cupboard or fridge stacked with half empty bottles of condiments and sauces….We’ve come up with the one-stop solution for a whole host of requirements!! 

The products is made in small batches using fresh ingredients (no eggs or nuts), without additives, preservatives or modified emulsifiers. The oil and vinegar are natural preservatives, however do keep them out of direct sunlight.  They can be stored at room temperature and have a shelf life of 18 months  for the blends and 12 months for the Pesto from the day of production. 

 Kings Garden offers a taste like no other, fresh flavours and so versitle that can let your imagination and culinary skill run riot with. Enjoy!!