Serves 1


Prep time 10 minutes to two hours – cooking time approx 15 minutes




Child seven years of age plus

Very patient supervisor

20 ml Kings Garden Caraway  per child

1 Uncooked pizza base per child

25 grams grated Red Leicester per child

25 grams cooked ham per child

25 grams pepperoni per child

Peppers, onions, sausage, olives & anything precooked you can get them to eat, *think eyes, sails, wheels etc




We developed this ‘meal’ with a group of seven and eight year olds during the long summer holidays, they loved it. The idea was to show them how everyday food could be enhanced and how a simple kitchen really worked. They did all the prep them selves, timing the cooking from a large wall clock and serving to a very sceptical selection of victims & then washing up and clearing away. This really is ideal as a means of educating children in food & kitchen safety and passing some two or three hours in a meaningful way.

Using a standard uncooked pizza base they replaced the normal tomato puree topping with Kings Garden Caraway Blend spread evenly to cover entire dough

The Red Leicester cheese was selected as it is colourful; this was spread liberally over the base then with cutting assistance from the supervisor very artistic *faces, cars, planes, boats, unicorns etc appeared.

Each child had to read the instructions for their base and write down how long and at what temperature they wanted it cooked, these instructions the supervisor then carried out, removing the pizza from the oven only when asked to do so.

They then sliced the pizza and served various finger imprinted pieces to any victim they could locate and happily demolished the rest them selves.