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  1. Balsamic Blend

    Balsamic Blend

    Our Balsamic is a 10 year old oak aged Modena vinegar. We have not added any caramel unlike the majority of Balsamic dressings, thus keeping the product the original dark colour that you would expect and an amazing taste that Kings Garden are extremely proud of. Great with salad and glazing salmon etc. Learn More
  2. Caraway Blend

    Caraway Blend

    Made using caraway seeds and cumin. The result is quite unique, providing a North African flavour, spicy but not too hot. Works well with a variety of dishes from simple salads to roast winter vegetables. Learn More
  3. Chilli Blend

    Chilli Blend

    This dressing contains dried chilli flakes for visual impact and spiciness. A further depth of heat from Learn More
  4. Garlic Blend

    Garlic Blend

    A dark and intriguing accompaniment to dishes such as roast potatoes or meats. Contains garlic alongside other spices. Marinade chicken, cook slice and wrap with a salad Learn More
  5. Lemon Blend

    Lemon Blend

    Our most vibrant dressing. Summery, fresh and bursting with fresh lemon flavour. Well balanced it will enhance a green leaf salad or gently flavour your fish and chicken dishes during cooking. Learn More
  6. Orange & Ginger Blend

    Orange & Ginger Blend

    A Winner of the Great Taste Award 2013. Full of zing from the orange peel and finally you will feel the warmth from the ginger. Fantastic with Gammon, pork or Duck. Learn More
  7. Original Blend

    Original Blend

    This richly coloured dressing is complimented with Spanish paprika and celery seeds Learn More
  8. Pesto Chilli

    Pesto Chilli

    Made with whole chilli’s giving more than a slight warming sensation but not so it’s uneatable. Learn More
  9. Pesto Garlic

    Pesto Garlic

    Made with garlic but we have ensured that it remains stable and not over powering. Learn More
  10. Pesto Original

    Pesto Original

    Our original Pesto as you would expect it’s based on basil and our own blend of spices, great with pasta or on chicken plenty of uses and tastes great. Learn More
  11. Raspberry & Mint Blend

    Raspberry & Mint Blend

    A sweet yet minty flavour, perfect with Lamb or just used as a sauce for a delicious salad. A very popular choice since its release back in November 2013. Learn More
  12. Taster Pack Fruity

    Taster Pack Fruity

    Contains: • Original, Raspberry & Mint, Lemon and Orange & Ginger Learn More
  13. Taster Pack Spicy

    Taster Pack Spicy

    Contains: • Original, Caraway, Chilli and Garlic. Learn More

13 Item(s)

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